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Becoming a Vendor


(Files are available in Adobe Reader PDF format or Microsoft Word DOC format)

2017 Craft Jury Application (PDF format) or (Word format)

2017 Farm Inspection Form
(PDF format) or (Word format)

2017 Prepay Schedule + Rules
(PDF format) or (Word format)

2017 Vendor Liability Form
(PDF format) or (Word format)

2017 Vendor Application (PDF format) or (Word format)

The Gig Harbor Farmers Market welcomes your interest in becoming a vendor. Thank you in advance for working hard to bring your strengths to the table. The entire community benefits from a vibrant and diverse assortment of vendors and customers at the Gig Harbor Farmers Market. That's a big reason why the Market is successful and so much fun. We look forward to your involvement!


Agriculture Products Vendors
Gig Harbor Farmers Market will take applications for interested farm vendors. When an opening occurs, a time will be set for a farm inspection by the onsite inspection committee. The Agriculture Onsite Inspection Committee inspects each site before becoming a member of the Gig Harbor Farmers Market. Once the application has been filled out and the site has been approved the applicant will receive further information on fees, dates, times and other regulations.

Arts & Crafts Vendors
All arts and crafts must first be reviewed by the Arts & Crafts Committee. These items must be handcrafted by the person selling them.

Prepared and processed food vendors must meet the requirements of the Pierce County Health Department. All vendors must be Washington State Residents and have a Washington State Business License.

Also please visit the
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

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