To:                   Restaurant Participants

From:               Gig Harbor Farmers Market and the City of Gig Harbor

Re:                   3rd Annual Chowder Cook-Off Contest Rules and Information

Date:                March 15, 2021

The date and time of the Chowder Cook-Off Contest will be September 25th starting at 11:00 at Stroh’s Field, Home of the Gig Harbor Farmers Market, in the food court area.

  1. All restaurants will he housed in one tent-this is a health department rule. The market will supply the tent, hand washing stations, 2-3 oz cups, spoons, propane stoves and tables for the contest.
  2. Set up time will be 10:00 am-10:45 am, judging will be from 10:45 am-1:45 pm.
  3. All restaurants may furnish advertising information about their restaurant to the customers. Each restaurant should identify themselves with a small sign on their chowder pot.
  4. The Gateway will run two advertisements about the Chowder Cook-Off and the participating restaurants in the contest.
  5. We will be producing a promotional brochure for the event. Any restaurant who applies for the contest before April 30th will have their name listed in the brochure as a contestant and be given two free T-Shirts for the chowder cook-off event, other applications will be accepted until May 30th.
  6. The Entry Fee to participate will be $80.00; this will cover part of the temporary food permit.
  7. Each restaurant must furnish their own pot for serving the chowder.
  8. Customers of the Gig Harbor Farmers Market and a panel of celebrity judges will do judging.
  9. Competitors must use the restaurant recipe as served in their establishment.
  10. Approximately 4-5 gallons of chowder will be needed from each restaurant.
  11. A panel of judges will be selected and two awards will be given out.
    1. People’s choice-All Gig Harbor Farmers Market customers will vote on this.
    2. Celebrity Award-A select number of dignitaries in the Gig Harbor community will decide this award.
    3. Winners and awards will be presented at 1:45 pm in the Food Court..
  12. Please fill out temporary food permit forms and a check made payable to the GHFM for $80.00. Mail to GHFM, PO Box 1142, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
  13. All money and permits need to be completed and sent in by May 30, so we have time for the health department to process the applications
  14. Any questions, call Dale Schultz, GHFM chairman, at 253-851-7397 or Laureen Lund, City of Gig Harbor, at 253-853-3554

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