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Twiggles Boot Hill

Are these not the cutest birdhouses and birdfeeders you have ever seen? Yep, we think so too! My husband Michael is the genius in the family and these are his creations. Of course behind every genius there is a wonderful woman and that’s me, Tamara. Together we have a lot of fun assembling homes and feeders for our fine feathered friends. And speaking of friends - and family of course, where would we be without ours -----?! They are always on “boot patrol”. You see we are always desperate for used cowboy boots. And if you have a boot that you would like us to “custom” make for you - we can do that! One of the many perks of our business is meeting all the wonderful people that buy our boots. We look forward to meeting you too!



There once was a goldigger named Lil,

The boots on the cowboys her thrill,

Her ways, they were sweet,

Charmed the boots off their feet,

And then sold them to

Twiggles Boot Hill.

Janyce Ruth Morley

“Cowboy Boots Resurrected”

They rode and they roped

and wrangled some steer,

But now they’ve retired

and drinking some beer.

These cowpokes are tired,

they’ve worked mighty hard,

but now their old boots

can hang in your yard!

Janyce Ruth Morley

One way we awoke to the birds in a snit,

I could tell they weren’t happy

When they called me a twit.

They said, “The boothouse is fine,

Although incomplete.

Now get busy and make us

A good place to eat.

When winter comes,

Sparse is the feed,

So while you’re at it

Throw in some seed!”

Janyce Ruth Morley