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Our Indoor/Outdoor
Fall Market is Open
Every Saturday

At the former
Peninsula Gardens
5503 Wollochet Drive NW
9am - 3pm


Jack-O-Lantern Smash!

November 1, 2014, starting at 11am

Bring your post-Halloween carved Jack-O-Lantern and enter it in our contest of speed and smoosh!
Pumpkins will be placed on our specially-made Smash Carts and raced down a ramp at break-pumpkin speed before the carts are brought to a sudden stop, causing the jack-o-lanterns to fall off their carts and roll to their ultimate smashed-up demise. The pumpkin that rolls the farthest before stopping or breaking apart wins a gift certificate to spend at market that day! Pumpkins that survive the crash will be ceremoniously smashed with our pumpkin smashing mallet. Other prizes will go to the most creative Jack-O-Lantern and the best smash.
All ages are welcome to participate, the only rules are:

  • Jack-O-Lantern racers must be a single pumpkin.
  • No explosives or pyrotechnics.
  • All Jack-O-Lantern racers will be smashed in the end, one way or another.
  • No toxic decorations or paint, all Jack-O-Lantern racer remains will be fed to the chickens at Artondale Farm.
  • No Cheating & Have Fun!
To participate:
Bring your post-Halloween carved Jack-O-Lantern to market and check in at the Derby Table near the entrance to the indoor market by 10:45am on race day. Jack-O-Lanterns will be registered and given an ID number.
When your Jack-O-Lantern's turn to race comes up, a race assistant will help you place it on a Smash Cart at the top of the ramp. The Jack-O-Lanterns will race down the ramp and continue their race rolling on the track until they ultimately smash to bits or come to a stop.

Tommy Turkey Weigh-In
November 1-22nd, 2014,
with weigh-in at 2pm on November 22nd

Artondale Farm's Tommy Turkey will be visiting market every Saturday between November 1st and 22nd. Customers will be invited to enter their guess of how much Tommy will weigh when a live weight* is taken at 2pm on November 22nd. The customer with the closest guess will win a gift certificate to spend with any GHFM vendor before the end of our 2014 season on December 20th.
.To participate:
Stop by the Gig Harbor Farmer’s Market any Saturday during the event, observe Tommy Turkey, and fill out an entry for to submit your guess of how much Tommy will weigh at the end of the contest. Each customer is allowed 1 entry per week.

Meet Santa

November 29th - December 20th, 2014

Santa will be visiting the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning between Thanksgiving and Christmas to talk to kids of all ages and pose for photos. Stop by between 9-10:30am for your chance to visit with the jolly old elf!

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